The clearest major branch of the Chena River (the North Fork)

The stunning Chenna river

DATE: August 24, 2017


A fishing hotspot

Alaska has some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world. It’s one of the few natural wildernesses left on our planet. I’m blessed to live in a place with some of the best fishing anywhere. From my home in Fairbanks, I can get to the Tanana, Yukon and Chena rivers really easily.

My favorite spot? You guessed it, the Chenna which is around 100 miles long. Famous tributaries include the North, South, East and West Fork which is easy to remember, oh and there is the ‘Little Chenna River’ as well.

The flood control dam means that we can fish most of the year as it regulates the flow. Whilst salmon stcks and spawning must have been affected, the dam was deemed necessary to avoid floods like the one back in the 60’s before I was born. Extra flow gets diverted to the Tanana.

There are a number of different wild fish to go after including pike and whitefish, but my targets tend to be the arctic grayling and king salmon. If you’re wondering how it is, well lets just say that the Chenna is the #1 sport fishing river in the whole of Alaska.

Practices and techniques

I always practice catch and release to preserve fish stocks as the Grayling got overfished before, and the dam puts pressure on the salmon.

Fishing tactics that work in other countries and areas also work here. My personal favourites are spinning plugs or jigs from a Kayak on quieter stretches, and fly fishing where I can wade, or if bank side vegetation allows.

If the fishing is slow, or the weather too bad to get a bite or stand still, you’ll still see me out there hiking, trekking, camping or shooting. The river and mountains are in my blood, I’ve a few prepper friends who collect cans of food and emergency supplies. Me? I know that I’ll be just fine, bring on the zombie apocalypse!

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