fishing canoe on the Yukon river

Hi! I’m Dave.

I’m just a simple guy, job, family, work etc. No financial, fame or sports achievements to speak of. In fact, I’m probably just like you… So, this about page isn’t going to be about me, it’s about fishing, more specifically covering the why?

To me, the test of a passion, hobby or purpose is whether there would be value even if the main activity were removed. Life is short and the only real multitasking worth doing is where your tasks have multiple benefits.

Confused? Let me take a step back and explain what I mean.

If your favourite activity is being part of the local church community, the main thing that you do might be going to meetings or get involved in events. In fact, you’ll also be helping to enhance other peoples lives though your efforts. You’ll experience the kinship and community among other warm and caring people. You’ll be enriching your soul with the goal of eternal peace and happiness.

What a deal! You’re not just going to church, although that might be the focus.

Likewise, in your chosen work or profession, you might be earning a good salary to provide for your family. If thats the only reason, then its likely that you’ll live a life of silent frustration. There needs to be added benefits to the journey to that pay check or your should will wilt. In a perfect world, you’ll experience the same community and social benefits as the church goer. You’ll have the challenge and satisfaction of building things, whether these things are manufactured or created in peoples minds. A satisfying job ticks many boxes in relation to a fulfilling life.

To me, fishing is on the same level and is just as important in my life. I fish with companions that feel like brothers. I stride and camp in nature, and these experiences are often more memorable than the fishing itself. I feel like I’m at one with nature, and being challenged by it at the same time. Time becomes an illusion where an afternoon lasts forever, and is over in a flash. In short, I would love to go fishing even if there were no fishing involved!

I’ve tried many types of fishing, most of my vacations have been centred around fishing and other outdoor pursuits. Being in the mountains, or wading through a river, are times when I truly feel alive. Up there with getting married or seeing my babies being born… But a lot less stressful…

I live in Alaska but love to travel across the USA and Canada in pursuit of my passions. My favourite target species are salmon, trout and greyling, although I’ve had some great times carp fishing as well.

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